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Victoria Infant & Nursery School is 'a happy, purposeful environment, which helps pupils to become independent and confident learners.' OFSTED 2018
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Class 8

Welcome to Class 8


We work with Miss Jones, Mrs Wadsworth and Mrs Woodhouse.

We love learning at school! Take a look at some of the things we have been up to!

Autumn Term

Autumn Term 1 We enjoyed a visit from Miss Jones’ puppy Rufus!
Autumn Term 2 We explored different ways of moving.
Autumn Term 3 In our first week we explored lots of resources!
Autumn Term 4 Our school turned 100!
Autumn Term 5 We made shapes using our bodies.
Autumn Term 6 Our Parents joined us for a Stay and Play session!
Autumn Term 7 We made nests for the Owl Babies.
Autumn Term 8 We made sandwiches for Red Riding Hood.
Autumn Term 9 Maths Stay and Play.
Autumn Term 10 We found signs of Autumn in the playground.
Autumn Term 11 We have been working on our ball skills.
Autumn Term 12 Yoga is lots of fun!
Autumn Term 13 We used toast to find ways of making 5.
Autumn Term 14 Phonics Stay and Play.

Spring Term

Spring Term 1 We played hopscotch and tried to find one more!
Spring Term 2 We made Elmer toast with food colouring.
Spring Term 3 We used chalk to draw our own elephants!
Spring Term 4 We pretended to be elephants in the snow.
Spring Term 5 We tried painting Elmer pictures.
Spring Term 6 We saw chocolate change in different ways.

Summer Term

Summer Term 1 Rufus and Flo came to visit!
Summer Term 2 We have been making ten!
Summer Term 3 Physical Stay and Play.
Summer Term 4 We celebrated the Royal Wedding!