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We hope this website will give you an insight into our school and provide parents, carers, pupils and the wider community with regular updated information.

Our Golden Rules

We use Jenny Mosley’s model of Golden Rules, Golden Time and Circle Time as a whole-school approach to enhancing self-esteem and positive behaviour and relationships within the school.

All of the children and adults are involved and we hope that you will become involved too by encouraging your child.


The Golden Rules
The Golden Rules are the key to the whole approach. They outline the explicit behaviours that show respect and caring towards one another.  
The Golden Rules are displayed in classrooms, corridors and throughout the school.


The Six Golden Rules are:

Do be gentle – Do not hurt anybody
Do be kind and helpful – Do not hurt people
s feelings

Do work hard – Do not waste your or other peoples time

Do look after property – Do not waste or damage things

Do listen to people – Do not interrupt
Do be honest – Do not cover up the truth


Golden Time

v Golden Time is used during the last session on a Friday afternoon.
v Every child is entitled to Golden Time for behaving appropriately all week and all

children start with the same number of minutes of Golden Time at the beginning of the week.

v Incidents of inappropriate behaviour will result in loss of Golden Time (5 minutes for each incident).

v Teachers decide on Golden Time activities and children sign up for their chosen activity.

v Children who have lost part of their Golden Time do not take part for the amount of time that has been lost. Once they have completed their time out, they will beable to join in with the Golden Time activities.

v If a child has lost all their Golden Time, he /she will take work to the Head

Teacher’s office and complete it there.
v There will be opportunities for children, who continue to lose all of their ‘Golden

Time’, to ‘earn’ back lost minutes of Golden Time during the week. How this is done will be decided by the child and their teacher.