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Happy Holiday. School starts again on Wednesday 4th September at 8.45
We hope this website will give you an insight into our school and provide parents, carers, pupils and the wider community with regular updated information.

Who's Who

Mrs L Grayless


Assistant Headteacher
Mrs W Marsden (Reception Teacher and Foundation Stage Lead)


Teaching Staff

Mrs C Hill – Class 1 

Mrs A Keevil – Class 2 & Year 2 Leader

Miss R Thompson - Class 4

Mrs E Connell - Class 5

Mrs A Cumberbatch - Class 5

Mrs T Tyson - Class 6

Mrs A Sharp - Class 6

Mr J Gibbons – Class 7

Mrs W Marsden – Class 8 & Reception Leader

Miss C Jones – Class 8
Mrs J Jones – Nursery Leader

Miss E Fisher - Nursery 




Mrs L Grayless - SENCO
Mrs C Dale – SENCO & Teacher 


Office Manager
Mrs C Burns


Other Staff
Mr A Judd – HLTA 
Mrs D Cooper – STA
Mrs R Buckingham – TA
Mrs J Pattinson – TA
Mrs S Taylor – TA
Mrs V Sharpe – TA
Mrs P Cooper – TA
Mrs L Crook – TA
Mrs K Woodhouse – TA & Breakfast Club
Mrs J Pearson – TA 
Mrs J Wadsworth – TA
Mrs T Stables – TA & Breakfast Club
Miss A Patterson – TA

Mrs C Johnson - TA

Miss L Floyd - TA

Miss Cargan - Apprentice

Miss V Clarke - Midday Supervisor

Mrs E Imison - After School Club Leader

Mrs J Pawley – Cleaner
Mrs S Underwood – Cleaner