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Year 1

Year One

We understand that it is a very difficult time for everybody at the moment. We are sending our love to you all and hope that you are managing to stay safe. 

To ensure your child is still able to access their education at home, we have complied a list of weekly activities that your child would have completed at school. 

If you have any difficulties accessing any of the work set, please feel free to email the Year 1 teachers at

            Week 13              w/b 06/07/20
             Week 11              w/b 22/06/20
             Week 10              w/b 15/06/20
             Week 9              w/b 08/06/20
             Week 8              w/b 01/06/20
                                     Week 7              w/b 18/05/20
                                    Week 6              w/b 11/05/20
                                   Week 5               w/b 04/05/20
                 Week 4           w/b 27/04/20

                  Week 3            w/b 20/04/20

Hello everyone! smiley

We are missing you all terribly but hope you have managed to have some fun over the Easter Holidays! We are very lucky to have had some lovely sunshine so we hope you have all managed to spend some time outside safely. 


We understand what a challenging and difficult time it is for everybody and would like to thank all the adults who are putting time and effort into help your child with their learning. It is really uplifting to see all of the work and activities you are completing at home, so please keep sending them to us! 


For the week beginning 14th of April you should be looking at the 'Week 2' list of activities. If you have already completed these activities in the Easter Holidays we will post a few links to other things that your child can work through.

Here are also a list of things to continue working on at home:

  • Writing a sequence of linked sentences about the same topic. 

           - It can be about any topic your child is interested in. 

          - Ensure they are using capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, conjuctions e.g. 'and' and 'because', an exclamation               mark, a question mark and try to use some interesting vocabulary. 

         - Ask your child to read it back to check it makes sense. If it doesn't ask them to think about what they could                       change to make it correct. 

  • Practising the correct letter and number formation.
  • Use your child's spelling book to revise previous spellings to see if your child has retained them.
  • Counting

         - Counting forwards and backwards from 100. Can they start from a random number and continue? 

        - Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. Can your child explain the rule for each sequence? Can they answer questions about                 the numbers in each sequence? e.g. will 17 be in the 5s? They should answer something along the lines of 'I know                17 is not in the 5s because it doesn't end in a 5 or a 0'.

  • Continue using Oxford Owl to read with your child. We encourage you to read a book multiple times, as this has been proven to improve their reading fluency. Do not be afraid to repeat books! Try to stop after every couple of pages to question your child about the story to check their reading comprehension. 


If you have any questions or need help with anything please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we are always more than happy to hear from you. If you would just like to send some of the fantastic work your child has completed at home, then again please email us. We really do enjoy hearing from you! It helps to bring some normality to our day and puts a smile onto our faces. 


We are thinking about each and every one of you and hope that you are all doing okay. Please stay safe and look after yourselves so we can all be reunited soon! heart

Lots of love,

Everyone in the Year 1 Team. 





Story writing frames with key vocabulary

                      Week 2 (14th April)

Week 1