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Home Learning (for children self-isolating) tasks can now be found on Showbie.
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Year 2

Week 21.9.20 to 28.9.20


Practise reading, writing and ordering numbers to 20

Find ways of making 10.

Practise counting groups of objects up to 20.



Practise sh, ch and qu sounds.

Make lists of words with sh, ch and qu. Practise reading and writing words.


See link below for Stickman additional ideas


Below are the tasks for today's learning (Wednesday 23 September 2020)



1. Please watch the story of stickman on youtube.


2. Can you talk about what happens to stickman to your grown up.


3. please write a letter from Stickman to his wife when he's lost in the woods.



Practice reading, writing and ordering numbers to 20.

Try this practical task on Topmarks.



Look at simple map symbols and find out what they mean.